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HEXADRIVE Inc. ("us", "we" and "our") has established guidelines for derivative work to ensure that more people can learn about and become familiar with our copyrighted games and apps (the “Game”).

Please observe the following guidelines when creating derivative work.

Each of our Games may also have their own guidelines concerning derivative work etc., and such as well, and will take priority over the guideline here in the event of any applicable conflicts or disputes.

As long as you comply with our guidelines, we will not claim infringement of copyright, moral rights, etc. for any derivative works based on the Game.

1.Definition of Derivative Works

"Derivative Work" in these guidelines refers to a new work made by the creator bringing new creativity to elements of the Game based on his or her own understanding of the Game.
The act of copying or tracing elements of the Game as is (or acts that can be equated with such conduct) does not fall under the definition of Derivative Work. Please do so only to the extent permitted by the copyright laws of your country.

2.Permitted Conditions under which Derivative Works

Individuals or unincorporated organizations are free to create, display, and distribute Derivative Works (e.g., fanzines, fan goods, etc.) based on the Game only for Noncommercial Purposes as defined in the following section.
If you wish to engage in Derivative Works that exceed the criteria set out in these guidelines, or you are a company or incorporated organization seeking to engage in Derivative Works, please contact us in advance.
Furthermore, even in the case of a company or incorporated organization, if the work introduces the Game using videos and still images of the Game taken during the course of normal play and does not conflict with the prohibitions set forth in these guidelines, such work may be freely produced, displayed, distributed, etc.

3.Criteria for Noncommercial Purposes

When an individual or unincorporated organization creates a Derivative Work without the purpose of making a profit, it is considered to be for Noncommercial Purposes.
In addition, if such work is used within the scope of a hobby and the creator receives compensation and/or profits approximate to the costs of production such as for raw materials and tools, it is within the scope of Noncommercial Purposes

4. Scope of permitted activities involving Derivative Work:

The creation, exhibition, and distribution of illustrations, fanzines, manga, novels, etc. (including e-books).

The creation, exhibition and distribution of three-dimensional objects such as figures and garage kits.

The creation, display, and distribution of character cosplay costumes and accessories, as well as the publication and distribution of cosplay photos and videos.

When engaging in any of the activities described above, please clearly indicate in the work that it is a Derivative Work of the Game.

5.Prohibitions regarding Derivative Works

Any of the following contents is prohibited in Derivative Works:

-Contents that offend or make others feel uncomfortable, or contents that are offensive or discriminatory to others.

-Contents that infringe or may infringe the rights of others.

-Use in connection with religious, political, or antisocial activities.

-Contents that negatively affect the public image of the Game.

-Misrepresenting yourself as officially connected to or involved in the operation of the Game, or misrepresenting your work as an official work of the Game.

-Contents that violate the laws and regulations or public order and morals of each country.

-Any other form of Derivative Work that we deem inappropriate.

These guidelines are subject to change without notice at our discretion. Any changes to these guidelines will apply to the affected contents immediately. Please make sure you have the most up-to-date information before posting.
Please be advised that we are not liable for any damage resulting from Derivative Work or the revision of these guidelines.
If the Derivative Work has a negative impact on our work or defames us or our affiliates, we and our affiliates reserve the right to hold its creator liable for it.
These guidelines may be terminated without notice.

Effective from April 1, 2023