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HEXADRIVE Inc. ("us", "we" and "our") has established guidelines for distribution on video sharing sites and social media to ensure that more people can learn about and become familiar with our copyrighted games and apps (this “Games”).
Please observe the following guidelines when posting and distributing Game on video sharing sites and social networking services.

Each of our Games may also have their own guidelines concerning image and video sharing etc., and such as well, and will take priority over the guideline here in the event of any applicable conflicts or disputes.

Still images and videos of contents dealing with this Game ("Videos, etc.")

You may post Videos, etc. of this Game on video sharing sites and social media (including streaming), whether you are an individual or a corporation, only if you have read and agreed to all of the following terms and conditions.

We request that players be creative in the Videos, etc. they post, such as by adding live audio or written commentary.
Videos, etc. that are posted as is, reuploading Videos, etc. posted by others, and Videos, etc. where the main purpose is to view the illustrations, cutscenes, music, etc. used in this Game do not fall under this definition.
If we determine that any of the posted contents is inappropriate, we may make a request of appropriate actions including the deletion of the post.

Music and voiceovers used in this Game

The music and voiceovers used in this Game are not prohibited from being posted to social media and video sharing sites as long as they occur in the normal course of playthrough videos of this Game. The extraction, editing, or posting of data for the purpose of listening to the music or voiceovers is prohibited.

If the right holder of a song or voiceover determines that a post is inappropriate, we may make a request of appropriate actions including the suspension of the use of the song or voiceover in the video, etc., or the deletion of the post.
Your understanding in advance is appreciated.

Any of the following contents are prohibited:

-Any materials infringing the rights (including but not limited to image rights, publicity rights, honor) of third parties, including but not limited to the cast and crew involved in this Game.

-Offensive contents to public order and morals.

-Use in connection with religious activities, political activities, and antisocial activities.

-Contents violating the terms of service, etc. separately established by the relevant platform, social networking service, or video sharing site.

-Releasing Videos, etc. recorded at a time or in a form not as intended by us due to accident, malfunction, system failure, unauthorized access, etc.

Inclusion of copyright notice

When posting a video or streaming, please include the following copyright notice in the description or other location.


Players create and post Videos, etc. at their own risk and expense.
We do not guarantee the completeness, legality, morality, non-infringement of rights, etc. of this Game in respect of the posting of Videos, etc. by players.
In the case of any dispute between the player and a third party due to the posting of Videos, etc. by the player, we shall have no liability for it regardless of the cause.
These guidelines are subject to change without notice at our discretion. Any changes to these guidelines will apply to the affected contents immediately. Please make sure you have the most up-to-date information before posting.
These guidelines may be terminated without notice.

Effective from April 1, 2023