A brand new original game from HexaDrive and announcement of booth at Bitsummit Drift


HexaDrive, a company that designs, develops, and sells computer games, console games, etc. (Location: Naniwa-ku, Osaka City; President and CEO: Masakazu Matsushita), will be exhibiting its original game INFINITY BULLETS at BitSummit Drift at Miyako Messe (Kyoto City Industrial Hall/Kyoto Prefecture) from Friday, July 19th to Sunday, July 21st, 2024.

INFINITY BULLETS is a multidirectional shoot ‘em up game where you fight off enemies closing in from all directions.
You control the main character, Max, as he fights to save the world from the clutches of the extraterrestrials known as the Futurians.

The year is 2XXX.
Repeated attacks from the extraterrestrials known as the Futurians have brought the entire solar system, including Earth, to the brink of destruction.The difference in military strength is night and day. Not only are the Futurian strategies unpredictable, but so are their locations and motives.
The fate of humanity as well as all the planets in the solar system are hanging by a thread.

In the midst of this, a scientist who had been researching extraterrestrial life manages to discover and contain a special particle known as ‘Clydonite’.
Using this, they succeed in developing a multipurpose tactical suit for use as a counter-weapon against the Futurians. The only person who can wear this suit is Max “Cannonball” Cunningham, a street racer from Detroit.

Max’s mission is to free his comrades while evading enemy forces
and to find out the truth about Futurians in order to save the entire solar system.
Can he prevail over the devastating firepower that the Futurians wield?

A no holds barred battle over the fate of the solar system has begun!

– Exhibition Details
Date & Time: Friday, July 19th – Sunday, July 21st, 10:00 – 17:00
Location: HexaDrive Booth
Content: BitSummit demo stations (4 units),
trailer screenings,
flier distribution,
sticker distribution (first-come, first-serve),
mini-soundtrack distribution (first-come, first-serve)

– Product Details
Distributor: HEXADRIVE Inc.
Distribution: iOS / Android
Supported Languages: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese
Launch date: Winter 2024 (Tentative)
Price: Free (In-App Purchases Available)
Copyright: © 2024 HEXADRIVE Inc.
Official Website: coming soon
*Product specifications are subject to change without notice.